Blue Strip fabric bowl covers

Earth Bunny ™ your family-friendly lifestyle brand, is committed to providing Eco-friendly products because that is what you deserve. We realize that taking care of Mother Earth is not just a responsibility, it's a necessity. In that spirit, we make reusable products for the purpose of saving you money and replacing many single-use products; thereby, reducing waste and duplicitous manufacturing costs and energy. Our brand applies the go back to basics principle when developing our products. We focus on adding value by using good quality materials and timeless creative solutions to meet everyday needs for a simple way of life.

Blue Strip fabric bowl covers

Our products may be described as “Nothing fancy, yet every bit useful!” , and that’s an aesthetic choice we make that soon becomes part of its appeal. It is unfussy, simple and easy-to-use!

Above all, we aspire to spread greener living. We support sustainable living, and the people whom have discovered their WHY to want to lessen their day-to-day impact on the environment. Our goal is to build upon the trust of our friends, family, neighbours and life-long customers in making the world a healthier and better place!

100% Natural Cotton, Eco-Friendly, and No Toxic Plastic Chemicals

Our Eco-friendly fabric bowl covers give off retro vibes, but also fits nicely in a modern kitchen. They are reminiscent of the ones your mom and grandma used to use. We revived the old tradition of the best “little gem” in their kitchen, hands-down! Perhaps, they really Do know best! Use them to proof dough, marinate, protect or store food at home, potlucks and picnics. Serving and storing food safely without those harmful toxic chemicals. Bring a set to your next party for the perfect hostess gift!

perfect hostess gift fabric bowl covers

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Blue Stripes

Earth Bunny ™ Fabric Bowl Covers conjure up memories of family get-togethers, and great times shared around the table. Often times, there were generations of helping hands in the kitchen busily baking and cooking up a feast. We aim to bring those fond memories back to life with its timeless functionality and style. These are made with 100% ticking cotton and stretchable elastic edging.

Keep It Covered Up! Why Don’t You?
Say “No!” to un-green disposables; such as,plastic baggies, plastic wrap, and aluminium foil!

Earth Bunny ™ introduces a prettier, greener, and lasting alternative to cover our bowls. The soft 100% cotton ticking fabric covers are available in both blue and red. Designed for maximum function and multi-use, they have a stretchable elastic band that fits snugly over bowls ranging 6” to 13” DIA. comfortably -- so you can protect your leftovers, dough, batter, kombucha or produce. The best part is that they are washable, so you can use them over and over again. The secure fit means no more struggling with getting plastic to stick or stay or having toxic chemicals cover your food.
Set of 3 includes (1) Sm. - 7" bowl covers, (1) Med.-9" bowl covers, and (1)Large- 11" bowl cover, and fit ranges6” to 13” in diameter.


  • Covers large bowls of salad and leftovers eliminating
    transferring hassles
  • Covers rising bread dough for an easy way to proof dough.
  • Slip on a cover when microwaving to avoid spills and splatters.
  • Fits well on a crock or large glass jars for Kombucha brewing.
  • Makes it easy to take food to picnics, beaches, parties, camping, barbecues and potlucks
  • Food stays fresh, tasty and bug free.
  • Covers instant pot inners (up to 8qt) for easy yogurt and oatmeal storing.

Exudes joy and tradition, and takes you on a nostalgic ride!

Just like when she gave you her tried and true recipes, Earth Bunny Fabric bowl covers passes on fond memories
for home cooking and cherished traditions that will live on for years to come.