Your family-friendly lifestyle brand is committed to providing eco-friendly products, because that is what you deserve. We realize that taking care of Mother Earth is not just a responsibility, it's a necessity. We design aesthetically unfussy, functional, everyday household products that provide solid alternatives to many disposable products. Our vision is to create better products that promote environmental kindness and reusability, and make home life more simple.

Like many, I desired to live healthy, simply, and naturally, but found it hard to some times live it intentionally in my every day life. This was especially hard given my hectic schedule, and often convenience won over implementation. Realizing that finding good quality products I could reuse to simplify household tasks like shopping, food prepping, and entertaining family and friends were paramount to making this a lifestyle, I began to search for these tools. Needless to say, I came up short for suitable alternatives to plastic wrap and other like disposables that we all have grown accustom to using. This end fueled my inspiration to create simple solution products that make this lifestyle convenient too, and Earth Bunny is the sum of this journey.

Introducing our popular 100% cotton fabric bowl covers, inspired by the hand made ones grandm others and moms made out of leftover bits of fabric. Functional, stylish and timeless!