One set of Earth Bunny Bowl Covers costs you $29.95.

Earth Bunny Bowl Covers come in two colors- Blue Stripes & Red Stripes.

It’s certainly tidier and easier than a tea towel and kitchen twine, or rubber bands. The fabric used is very similar to a cotton tea towel, but with elastic sewn in around the edges. So unlike twine, the fastener can’t fall off. They wash well, are great for picnics, patio use, beaches, barbecues and  potluck dishes.

This bowl cover is made of 100% cotton fabric. Earth Bunny Bowl Covers are free from harmful toxic plastic chemicals.

Earth Bunny Bowl Covers are perfect for covering rising bread dough for an easy way to proof dough. They also pair well on a crock for Kombucha brewing.

Yes, Earth Bunny bowl covers are washable and reusable.